Unable to create or sign in to Dmail account

Good day.
I have a blockstack id and have tried several times to create a user account on Dmail, but I am getting nowhere. When I go to the home page of blockstack (this happens both when using the blockstack browser and the installed desktop app) and click on the Dmail app, it takes me to the site https://www.dmail.online/
I then click on the “Create account” blue icon on the top right and it directs me to the site https://app.dmail.online/ but all I get is a blank browser page and it stops loading. Totally blank. The same thing happens when clicking on “Sign in”.
Any suggestions?
I am running on MacOs 10.5.1
Thanks in advance.

Dmail seems ok as I just created an account myself (or better said, logged in with Blockstack ID for the first time).

My first guess is that your OS is too old to handle this as your MacOS version is 10+ years old. Sure, there may be ways to still run cutting edge web apps, but hardly any (startup) developer will build for such legacy.

Secondly, I believe that Chrome is the best browser for Blockstack (though that info might be outdated).

Lastly, Dmail support may be able to help: https://dmail.online/#Contact

Good luck! :wave:

Hello @Dr.Bob, thanks for replying. I mistyped the OS, it is actually 10.15.1, Catalina reslease.
I am using firefox, so I my guess is that is where the problem resides.
Will try Chrome to see if it works, otherwise will write to Dmail directly. Thanks!

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Firefox is/was known to have issues so hopefully switching to Chrome (or Brave = same engine but more privacy oriented) resolves the issue!

PS: Already hoped for you the OS version was a typo :sweat_smile:

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