Twoblocks - 2fa manager

Hi there!

Really excited to announce the first version of Twoblocks, a free and open source 2fa manager web app built with Blockstack :rocket: .
I created this app as an experiment to try the blockstack api, the app is built with React hooks and material-ui.


  • Your codes are synched between your devices
  • Add an account manually
  • Use your phone / laptop camera to scan a qrcode

Website of the app:

Would love some feedback :slight_smile:



Hey - just tried logging in but got the

“Failed to fetch information about the app requesting authentication. Please contact the app maintainer to resolve the issue.”

message. Can mean manifest.json is not publicly accessible - but yours does seem to be?

Are you passing the origin correctly? I have

const origin = window.location.origin;
redirectToSignIn(origin, origin + “/manifest.json”, [


Hey, thanks for giving it a try!

That’s weird, by any chance could you paste the error you have in the browser console?
For now I only use the function like this: blockstack.redirectToSignIn(). So I changed the headers to access the manifest.jsonand it should work now :slight_smile:


Tried it and it is working now :slight_smile: only problem on my end is that scan qr code isn’t working - it says it couldn’t find the video source

Love the idea! Are you thinking about making a native iOS version (if only just a wrapper for the web app)? This is the sort of app that I’d like to have always instantly on hand aka on my home screen (though I suppose that saving the web app to my home screen may be just as good? Perhaps it’s worth guiding people to that).

Here’s what I’m getting when trying to auth after installing to my home screen from mobile Safari.

Hum that’s weird, I am using a react package to scan the code and in the know issues there is On IOS 11 it is only supported on Safari and not on Chrome or Firefox due to Apple making the API not available to 3rd party browsers. is that your case?

I first wanted to do a native app with react-native first, but it looks like the blockstack react-native package is not ready yet :frowning: so I decided to go with a web app version first.
When the react-native lib will be working I will create a native app so I can add native features like fingerprint protection in order to open the app :slight_smile:

I see, I never got this error before, do you have the same problem with the other blockstack apps if you add them to your home screen?

Yeah this is it in particular :slight_smile:

Great, I added a list of known issues on the qrcode page, will be less confusing now :slight_smile:

I imagine @shreyas may have the best idea of when the react native package will be ready. Fingerprint protection sounds great!

I just checked with Graphite and the auth flow kicked me out of the app instance installed on the home screen and into Safari without routing me back to the home-screen install post-auth. @jehunter5811 I think you’ve optimized for home-screen installs – any thoughts here?

Try webauthn API, and you don’t need an native app anymore…

BTW, the “add” button does not work for me on Firefox on Linux.

Webauthn API looks very promising, but the browser support is not great at the moment :frowning:

You mean when you click the “+” button is not showing anything? (Can I have your linux + firefox version? will try to reproduce)

Great idea! I’d like to try this app.

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Hi! Was it made to try the blockchain out? Sorry, I’m new here, trying to get the clue.

Hi, yes I created the app to try the blockstack api :slight_smile:

I see, are you planning to work as a developer on blockstack?