TShirts Running a Bit Behind...Zero-to-Dapp

Unfortunately, our Tshirt vendor was running a bit slow on the proof for our tshirts. We expect to start notifying people first part of January 2019 and have them up on our Shop.

People who submitted a completed Sample Animal Kingdom will receive an email containing a code for ordering the free shirt.

Thanks for being patient.

Hey Moxiegirl, just checking in on the zero to dapp tee-shirts. Completed all steps, not sure if the shirts are still behind or not. :slight_smile:

Hey @theindustry.id you should have gotten an email. We sent out emails with the coupon code on Jan 7th. If you missed it or didn’t get it for some reason, email me directly and supply me with the email you used when you submitted your Animal Kingdom to App.co. I’ll see that we resend yours.

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All set here! Sweet new dapp shirt is on its way to me! thanks for the help.

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