Trying to Verify Social Accounts

Having issues verifying any of my social media accounts with Blockstack. I have tried Twitter and Github numerous times now. Resetting my browser, clearing localStorage, etc. No luck. I see there is several open topics about this on the forum with zero replies so I don’t expect much luck but doesn’t hurt to ask.

That is my Blockstack explorer link. It’ll show both my attempts to verify. I’ve tried Googling with no luck.

Hi @septies, if you are having trouble verifying your social profiles, please make sure that you’ve updated your browser and that your proofs look the same as in our FAQ. All must be public, have exactly the same copy as in the prompts from the browser, and cannot be deleted in order for verification to work.

Facebook Verification
Twitter Verification
Github Verification

Hi @sebastian,

I have some additional information as I am having an issue validating Twitter and Github as well. It looks like the Blockstack id validation logic in function containsValidProofStatement(searchText) expects .id and .id.blockstack is provided. I wish I had more insight here, but this is day 0 for me.

Was there a change to Blockstack Ids recently? Specifically adding the the '.blockstack namespace? Does the validation logic need to change or the Blockstack Id?

Hope this helps.


@chrisrill Hi Chris,

Thanks for reporting this. We released a browser update on Monday and noticed an issue where social proofs showed as unverified for other users as well. We have a Github issue open to fix this as soon as possible. You can track progress here:

Hi @septies and @chrisrill,

We’ve pushed an update for the browser (v0.29.3) that includes a fix for the social verification bug. After updating, your social profiles should show as verified.

Hey @sebastian,

Just updated to 0.29.3 and unable to verify my account. FYI, I’ve never been able to verify my accounts. I believe the issue is still related to my Blockstack ID based on the console error I’m getting.

Error: Please provide the fully qualified Blockstack name.

As I mentioned, this line is expecting a single period in the Blockstack ID and my Blockstack ID has two periods

What is the blockstack name format?

Thanks for the response, @chrisrill. My apologies, I thought you were trying to verify your social profiles for a name. We currently have a Github issue for social profile verifications for sponsored usernames ( You can track progress here: