Trying to understand how to structure my first Dapp


I’m new to blockstack and trying to get going with my first app. I’ve done the hello world tutorial and went through all the documentation available on the website. I have a final project that I need to get done @ a bootcamp that I’m attending. I have to use react & rails. I was hoping to create a Dapp as my final project. I can see react fitting in fine with blockstack, however I don’t see where rails would fall into this picture. Storage seems to be taken care of within blockstack and I have the additional ability to deploy a gaia hub which seems to have the ability to tie to AWS. I’m hoping to make a site where content-creators can upload content and users can buy that content, transactions would be done in cryptocurrencies. Not sure where certain data & logic would live and how i would access it (content, user data, content-creator data, transaction data). Some help would be appreciated!

Hi, there has been some recent discussion in #engineering on our Slack channel. Unless you are Hassan…and that was you there as well.

Did you find that material and do you still have outstanding questions. This forum is the best place for it as we get a history people can search.

Hi! Yes, that was me in the Slack Channel. The discussion certainly pushed me in the right direction, I wouldn’t say I have a complete solution to my dilemma, but I certainly feel like I understand things much better and am headed in the right direction. Will keep re-reading docs and doing the tutorials, can’t wait to submit my first Dapp in a few weeks time. Thanks!

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