Trying to recover an stx wallet file

This is a weird situation, but I’m hoping someone can help me out.

My 70 year old uncle has asked me to help him since I do “tech stuff”.

Earlier in the year my uncle had purchased a bunch of STX and had it in his Stacks desktop wallet (was probably something like version 4.1.0 - 4.1.2) on his Windows 10 machine. Then when the new version of the wallet came out, he downloaded it and it apparently then would not reflect the balance of STX he had in the prior version of the wallet. Rather, the new version showed his wallet was empty.

In the meantime he lost is recovery phrase and the hard drive the wallet was installed on experienced some problem and would no longer boot up.

I have pulled that hard drive out of the machine and hooked it up to a different booting computer and have run Disk Drill on it to see if I can recover the old wallet file itself.

Can anyone tell me what file I need to find?

Would it be one of these files:

  1. org_blockstack_stacks-wallet
  2. icudtl.dat
  3. something else?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

If your uncle has lost his seed phrase, it’s possible he can still recover the funds from the encrypted seed phrase on disk provided that:

  1. He was using the 4.x release of the wallet (the 3.x version did not persist the seed).
  2. He can remember the password used when creating the wallet

On Windows, the wallet’s config.json file is saved in the user’s %APP_DATA% directory within so.hiro.StacksWallet. If you have this file, you can place it in the same directory on a working machine to access the funds.