Trying to get token but having login problems

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I have a blockstack ID, verified and registered. When I click on the Token Sale app and try to register for the waitlist then I get taken to the sign in request, but it’s not recognizing that I have an active ID that I am logged in with, and asks me to set up Blockstack. Why does it not recognize my ID?



I also have some questions about the token sale. I must have miss understood how this worked. I wasn’t able to be accredited but I do have $3k added to coinlist waiting to invest it into blockstack tokens. How do I do this?

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You have to wait until the voucher gets emailed to you; this should be happening December 1st. Did you signup for the waitlist via email? If so you should be good. But even then you won’t be able to buy tokens; it’s just a voucher saying you’re on the list to buy a certain number. Blockstack is still going through the process to see if they’re considered a “security.” If so, you might not ever be able to buy the tokens.

I do like that they’re trying to do things the right way. It shows that this project isn’t just a money grab. But it does make it frustrating that we can’t buy-in until it gets approved. I hope this helps.


Kitsana Dounglomchan

Kitsana, That kinda helps but not really. I got the email confirming I’m registered for the voucher (not sure if this is the same as the waitlist) and I guess I’m just confused (nothing new, LOL) about what that exactly means. Will I be able to use the $3k I added to Coinlist on Dec 1st to purchase tokens? Thank you for helping.

Coinlist is for accredited investors as the email points out. If you are not an accredited investor, you will have the opportunity to invest up to $3000 by signing up to the waiting list and wait for a voucher that will be emailed to you December 1st. I have my money in my blockstack ID wallet.

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Seems my thread got a little hijacked :confused:

I can’t even get to the stage where I register.

What Magnus wrote below is correct. As you aren’t an accredited investor you have to wait for your voucher in the email, which will be sent out on December 1st. I got the same email that you did; it’s not the voucher, and even after you get the voucher you have to wait to use it until Blockstack gets legal clearance from its attorneys that it’s not a security.

Bottom line: there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to use your voucher to buy tokens. It kind of stinks because we aren’t accredited investors–some of us that is–but hopefully the tokens won’t be billed as a security like stock in a company.

Sorry about that! To my knowledge the registration period has closed. I don’t believe there’s a way for you to register to get tokens in the ICO; you’ll have to wait until they’re for sale on the open markets. I hope I’m not wrong in saying this, but I don’t believe you can register for the sale now that it’s officially underway with accredited investors.


For a new newb to this forum. I understand the problem blockstack is solving but i dont quite understand what the token itself would be used or why it would appreciate or depreciate for that matter over time. Will the token be able to be transacted only on the blockstack browser? Is that the idea? Sorry for the dumb questions, love the idea of blockstack but want to understand the finer points better.


Hi @Nate5000,

Thanks for your interest! If you’d like more information about the Blockstack token, feel free to check out the Token Whitepaper, Token FAQ and Token Sale Mechanics (which includes further information about its role, market supply, sale, market cap, etc.).