Trying out the samples

Get things going,

although I have some experience as a developer and created BC apps with Ethererum, I have a hard time getting even the tutorial apps going.

(My first question: Is there any way to get the blockstack browser running in Ubuntu 16.04 WITHOUT using docker?)
[EDIT: Found it, and it WORKS great:]

Second: I installed blockstack-core and blockstack api, and verified both of them running. Trying to run the tutorial app (one pager hello-world sample) from Shea256s tutorial video works up to the point where I want to login/auth with BStack. Nothing happens…
Do I have to set up a local/temporal/fake identity on my node first?
While setting up the node I took over all the presets (username & pw).

(By the way the tutorial video of shea256 is very well crafted and goes into every detail. I like even the redundant parts, because every developer has different gaps in their knowledge, so a step-by-step run down of the example is a good idea).

Thanks for your support,
I am heading to Berlin, to get some more answers on the BStack conf and the hackathon. Hope to see you there