Transfer username

I imported my Onename identity to my Blockstack id, and before that completed, also decided to purchase another name. Now both operations have been settled, and the name purchase price has been deducted from my wallet, and my id shows the name from Onepass but not the one I purchased.

It struck me that perhaps each id can only have one name associated with it, in which case I’d like to create a second id and transfer one of the names there so I have one id with each name. But I don’t see a way to do that, or any confirmation that I own the name I purchased.

Appreciate any help!

Edit: I see that my id owns both names in explorer, but I guess I’m unclear on how to make use of two different names on a single id, or how to transfer one to another id if I choose to.

Hey @jasonnovack, you definitely own both names :slight_smile: However, the browser doesn’t expect users to have more than one name per address, so it only shows one.

We’ll need to make a tool to get one of your names sent to a different address in order for the browser to see both. cc @larry. I’ve opened an issue here, if you want to track the progress.

Hey, thanks @jude. Can you help me understand some potential scenarios where two names on a single id would make sense?

I might want and to both be aliases for the same Blockstack ID.

Outside of the identity realm, Blockstack names could be pointers to other assets: you can imagine lots of situations where multiple assets are held by one owner.