Transfer identity from Onename to Blockstack


I’ve been trying to transfer my identity from Onename to Blockstack, and it all looked like it worked out when I did the procedure. But I am still waiting for the transfer, and it has gone about 4 days now. Keen on getting it resolved now. How can I proceed?

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I would like to know this as well. I’m in the same situation and have been waiting over a week.

Hey @fridgren, @lukebp, can you send an email to [email protected] with your names, if they have not transferred already? A bunch just went out today. Thanks!

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I also successfully completed my identity transfer procedure from Onename to Blockstack. Will I get an email notification when the transferring procedure completes? Or should I manually check every now and then? Only the username will be transferred, or all the info ? (i.e. should I start re-validating all my social accounts, etc. again, or should I wait for the transfer to complete and then everything will move along to blockstack)?

Same problem for me…

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I’m having a similar issue.

I’ve registered a Onename identity, and requested that it be transferred/associated with my Blockstack id. I’ve verified my accounts at both Blockstack and Onename.

My Onename profile page displays this message:

“Profile being processed: once the blockchain confirms the data this notice will disappear (~12 hours after signup)”

It’s been quite a few days and the transfer has not yet occurred.

I’ve just e-mailed support. Hopefully the transfer will be processed soon.