Transaction stuck in "processing"

I initiated a withdrawal from my STX wallet to Kucoin. STX wallet requested my 24 seed phrase which I entered. Transaction is stuck in processing. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Hey Albert, thanks for reaching out. Mind sharing the txid? Feel free to also email [email protected]

While there are no known issues impacting correct, well-formed transactions, some transactions can be pending for a long time. Pending transactions will be discarded after 256 blocks — a transaction that is not confirmed, by definition, has no impact on your assets.

Hi Gina,

I’m unable to provide a txid as my screen is stuck showing “processing” with my 24 seed phrase showing. I don’t believe that the transaction provides a txid at this point since I’m unable to get past the processing stage.

Is this with the latest Stacks Wallet? Older versions will not work post Stacks 2.0. Download the new one for desktop here: Stacks Wallet then login after selecting “I already have a wallet.” :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe I had an old wallet. I installed the new wallet with my seed phrase. I will try it out tonight and get back to you…

Thank you,


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