Transaction is stuck pending processing

That is my transaction ID 0x4314360cd90d43a0be748b627efec7189cd70ca40ed74aa1de6366040cbb09c7
I sent STX from Kucoin to binance , I had double check the address and memo , all of it is correct. I need your help.

Hey there, thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. Given the transaction was initiated from KuCoin, have you been in touch with their support team on this issue?

Thanks for your help , I will contact Kucoin support team for this problems

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KuCoin has shut down all transfers. The answer I was give was if/when transfers are turned back on support should know how to push out the transfer.

There is a general post about pending transactions here: Transactions in mempool: best-practices and known issues

@muneeb Could you tell me when my stx on pbc transfer have process or emplement ?