I wanted to know the actual number of TPS does blockstack provides as it has transactions so I wanted to know the actual number of TPS. It would be great if you provide the Claimed TPS number as well as testnet TPS number.

Maybe you find an answers in Stacks v2 throughput

If I understand correctly the TPS can be any number that fits into 1MB, depending of the nodes performance.

Hey @friedger,

Thanks for the reply but I wanted to know the number that blockstack has claimed or it has provided in real. A number means just consider an example of IOTA they claimed the TPS in the stress test is 500 and their actual TPS is 70 so just like that, I wanted to know the TPS od blockstack.

Muneeb mentioned in a recent podcast that asking for a number be not the right question.

In the current version, it is the same as for bitcoin and in v2 it depends on the current mining node. If the node has a slower connection then the cycle will have less TPS. Have a look at streaming transactions and micro blocks.

Okay @friedger

IOTA is a scam. It runs a central coordinator process that does all the hard work of putting transactions in order. Not only is it not a DAG, it is not even a peer-to-peer network. Furthermore, they rely on a weak home-grown crypto hash function that is trivial to break (I encourage you to follow Matt Green on Twitter for details on how broken it is, and how badly the IOTA devs respond to it). As such, any numbers they put out should be dismissed with extreme prejudice.

I will also thank you for not mentioning them here again – we do not want to give scam projects any SEO.

Yeah from little bit research of that I came to know the actual reasons and @jude I apologized for that but I dont have any kind of intentions to do so but Yeah I’ll take care for the next time.