Tokens not appearing in new wallet

I participated in the original token sale used a Ledger to connect to my wallet. I have been using the original Stacks wallet on Mac to check my balances and recently upgraded to the new wallet. When I upgraded and connected the same ledger that was working with the old wallet, I no longer see any balances. Is there are a way to select the correct wallet associated with the ledger? Please help.

The question should have been worded as: Is there a way to select the correct address that was associated with the Ledger and worked with the old version of the wallet? Thank you!

Hello, have you followed the steps as listed here to download the new Stacks app via Ledger Live? How can I use my Ledger device with the Stacks Wallet?

Your address should remain the same and remain accessible via the same Secret Key. Would you be able to share more details of what you’re seeing? Thank you!

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I followed the instructions but when I connect the Ledger it is bringing up an address that was not the address I received when I participated in the token sale and the one that had the balance. I was able to use the old wallet and see the correct address and balance.

@mistera321 the same address is derived from all versions of the Stacks Wallet.

Are you sure you’re using the correct Ledger device if you have multiple? It’s difficult to debug this issue without screenshots or pictures of what’s happening.