The “continuous” stacking feature

When will “continuous” stacking be a feature of the native desktop Hiro wallet?

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When stacking in a pool you can already achieve this by delegating to a pool that will increase their stacking commitment every cycle.

When you are stacking on your own the Desktop Wallet currently does not have the functionality (stack-extend and stack-increase). This is likely to remain unchanged for some time, until the Wallet team can work on getting the code base for the wallet extension to work for the Desktop wallet. Right now these are two completely separate applications. But this is not sustainable long-term. Most of the development is currently focused on the Hiro Wallet extension.

For now it will require the Wallet extension + to extend the commitment or increase the amount, without a mandatory cooldown cycle, when stacking on your own.

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+1 and for all desktop wallet stackers, those are usually the ones that are stacking since Cycle 1. Any upgrades on mind to accomodate those who still stack on desktop?

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Would you be open to trying where we have this continuous functionality atm?

You can use the same key or Ledger device with that app as with the desktop wallet.