The amount in the wallet is wrong

hi, I opened my wallet as I do regularly from time to time, and I suddenly checked the amount is less than before, and the transactions part keeps showing “loading”, downloaded latest version (3.1.1) and it was the same, any idea what could be the issue (also if I have to reset the wallet and use the pp, will it change the BTC wallet in the STX wallet, will it erase my BTC amount?)

I believe there was an issue with transaction display last night. I’m not seeing any problem on my Stacks wallet, so it should be resolved! Try again?

As long as you have a hardware wallet (ledger) resetting the Stacks wallet will NOT erase your BTC amount. If you’ve created a software wallet, you’ll need to make sure you have the seed phrase to restore the wallet. If you don’t you have the seed phrase, reseting a software wallet (a wallet that isn’t using a hardware wallet) will cause you to lose both your STX and BTC.

still I have issue in transaction section of the app, it just keep loading and it doesnt stop.

Yes I have the pp, what I said will it restore STX and BTC, or only STX will be restored (I’m talking about the BTC address in the wallet that is used for withdrawal/transfer of STX)

this is a known issue with Ledger devices and the Stacks v3 wallet at this time. The best thing you can do is to wait for the Stacks Wallet v4 once it comes out on Thursday, January 14th

ok, so I downloaded V4 and it was the same, then I check the explorer, and it turned out that 30% were actually locked, so if someone faced the same situation, this is the answer.

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