Thank you!

Hi Community,
Just a small post to share our happiness and gratitude. This has been the first time we’ve(Pden App) been in top 20 in the app mining ranking. It might not be a great feat for most but it really matters to us. We’d lying if we say that it didn’t kill us when we saw ourselves in the bottom of the table. We know that many of the developers might not be happy with their rankings and it hurts when your efforts doesn’t translate into results. It has been same with us for past few months but the community and the blockstack team helped us in keep going. That one message, that one tweet, that one call, that one mail from you guys has mattered a lot. Every bit of encouragement helps and it motivates us to build the kind of software and applications we believe in. Thanks again guys.


Thanks for such a thoughtful post, @deepak. And thank you for being such a passionate developer who chose to work with us! Keep up the great work. :muscle:t2: