TechRally - Blockstack + React Youtube Tutorial

Hello Blockstack community!

I would love to introduce myself to everyone. I am a software engineer based in NYC and in my spare time I try to find ways to be involved in the blockchain ecosystem. I stumbled upon Blockstack about two years ago and after some research I definitely wanted to be involved.

Between 2017 and 2018 I made some contributions via the Blockstack Browser and you can check out my PRs here! It’s rewarding to be able to help the team make progress towards an ecosystem of decentralized applications.

I wanted to go beyond contributing to the Blockstack Browser repository and create my own decentralized application. Being a developer myself, I was used to the traditional way of writing code with easy tooling via front-end/back-end frameworks. Blockstack was different. I realized there were a lot of pain points when trying to build a Blockstack dapp and though tutorials existed, it was not easy to build your own dapp from scratch.

I have always thought about how I can contribute to the developer community and Youtube was always on my mind. I have never been a fan of public speaking or creating content with my face on it. However, I decided to finally overcome this fear and created a Youtube channel dedicated to teach developers how to code and talk about my dev experience.

The support I am getting from my friends, family, and the Blockstack community is overwhelming! I’ve been able to create 8 lessons so far on my Blockstack + React tutorial series and I definitely plan on making more. I would love to get feedback, support, subscriptions, and shares on this channel because I really feel a video series like this would’ve helped me out when I first starting coding in Blockstack.

I am super grateful to be listed in the Community Learning Resource page and I know there a lot of brilliant developers working on Blockstack right now. Knowledge is key and I am 100% confident your expertise would be truly appreciated in community pages like this! Without further ado please check out my channel!

Tech Rally Tutorials - Blockstack + React


Lesson 9: Blockstack + React - Base/Admin Route created here!


Lesson 10: Admin Posts Route + Admin User Page created here!


Lesson 11: Create Post Part I created here

By far the longest video made and longer editing effort :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting. For other readers you can also find his tutorials linked here from our Docs page:

We appreciate community contributions and are excited to have you contributing!

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Awesome! Thank you so much for making these tutorials!!

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And that is a wrap! The Blockstack + React tutorial is complete. You can watch all 22 videos via playlist below. Please give a like and subscribe! Feedback is always welcome!

Curious to hear from the community on what I should teach next? Does not have to be Blockstack specific! :memo:


Thanks for your explanation! I subscribed to the channel

Many thanks! :pray:

Thank you guys)