Taking back a Beta Projects : HyperSpace

Hi all,

Let me introduce @CryptoSavvy to Blockstack and please give him a nice and warm Welcome!

So here is the idea, to bring back to life a already known project and make it happen once more .

The idea behind this also, it to keep the existing Tokens that already are in circulation and dress up a Data base or a Profiler to get the Data out of this . This would give us a lot of players and a major promotion side for a minimal amount of investment.

The apps would need to be re-evaluated from the beginning, but everything is there. Just need a devoted team to get the work started and we could even start a Crowdfunding.

What do we need for now :

  • Evalution of the apps, working condition from the archive : Web Archive

  • Dev team , that could give time to work on the project.

  • Crowdcude to Auto-Funds the apps and the team ?

We are open to suggestion and every single idea about this. What else is missing please give us your idea.

@muneeb @louiseivan @CryptoSavvy

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We need your help to bring back life to hyperspace :pray:

check archived version of beta


I replied on this thread in Discord. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @louiseivan for the reply and follow-up !

Much appreciate ! :slight_smile:

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