Support for CLI Based App

It seems to me from blockstack.js’s prominence and this post that blockstack does not have much support for apps not running within the blockstack browser and instead communicating with blockstack core directly. Is this the case? I am aware of @jude 's Blockstack-CLI but this is limited in scope to development activities and is unsafe to use in any sort of production sense. Because of this, how would one go about creating a CLI based app? I assume that it would be necessary to call into the blockstack core indexer api directly, but have there been any more user friendly wrappers created around that in the form of a blockstack.js sort of deal, but not tied down to js? The end goal here is to create a blockstack based client CLI app dependent not on blockstack.js but on the (what I assume is language independent) blockstack core api. Thanks!

You can easily make a CLI app with blockstack.js and node. That’s actually how @jude implemented the CLI.

You can also use blockstack.js to make a more traditional client-server app by importing it into an express server for example.

If you’re looking for language support besides javascript/node, there is also a basic ruby library.

Calling the core rest api is probably the easiest approach for reads - this lets you use whatever language and http library you like.

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