Supply chain tracking dApp for the FMCG product

Dear Blockstack,

I am really excited to work for Blockstack. I have used some of the dApps like arcaneoffice, BlockVault, Dmails, permenant record, This is an great decentralized ecosystem.
I wish to create an dApp for tracking FMCG product from its source of raw material to customer. Where 5 to 6 stakeholders are present. My operating system is windows 10. Please tell me if there any dApp already available for this. If not then kindly guide me how i can do it. I am not from coding background. But ready to make this dApp. Thank You so much.

Sagar Tachtode
NITIE, Mumbai

Hi Sagar! Welcome to the community!

I would like to connect you with @proe who I think could help with this :slight_smile:


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Thank you @stacksadmin.
Eagerly waiting for the reply.

Sagar Tachtode
NITIE, Mumbai.

Dear Sagar,
Ryan reference me about your inquiry.
We have a solution build with the Blockstack development Stack called Paradigma CrossCheck.

Paradigma CrossCheck let’s individuals, companies and organizations collaborate remotely between them as decentralized nodes to do business of purchase / sells of products and services with the possibilities that the blockchain offers. Business agreements can be easily created, executed, privately and securely. Develiveries can be traced by the use of IoT devices.
There is a in-development version at to test it. If you think that the dapp could help your stakeholders in anyways, please let me know. Best regards,
Phillip Roe-Smithson, Paradigma