STX20 vs SIP-10

Also, what exactly is the difference between a SIP-10 token and an STX-20 token? I found very little info about it. Should I be creating SIP-10 or STX-20? Thanks!

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STX20 is a metaprotocol. So it’s not enforced by smart contracts. So I can create a STX20 by sending you 1 STX with a bunch of data in the memo field which defines the token supply and other properties. Very similar to BRC20’s. Pro’s are that they’re very easy to create, con’s are that they require an indexer like Ortege.

SIP10 are tokens that are more akin to ERC20’s. There is a standard that they must conform to. They are also verified by the smart contract and are more powerful in what they can do.

So depends on your use case. If you want to list your token on ALEX, Velar, Bitflow then you’ll need an SIP10. Some DEX’s will support STX20 but I haven’t seen widespread support for them in my journeys.