STX Withdraw from Plan Better

Hi everyone,

I’ve just finalized my first pool staking through Planbetter App.
I can now see (and withdraw) the sats generated by this cycle of pooling.
However, I would like also to transfer my STX balance (unlocked) to my Hiro wallet now.
I don’t see anything that allows me to process this STX transfer/withdraw.

Could someone give me a feedback from his experence to do this STX transfer and send back my STX from Planbetter to Hiro wallet?

Thank you


Hello, Planbetter founder here. Thank you for using our app!

Planbetter is not a wallet, it interacts with the Stacks Web Wallet that you installed in the first place in order to be able to use our app. You technically don’t need to move your funds as long as your passphrase is the same.

However if you want to move them somewhere else, you just need to open the Stacks Web Wallet (it’s an icon that appears on the top right part of the screen with the stacks logo) and send your tokens elsewhere.