STX failed to arrive in Hiro wallet

I used the Transak facility to buy £50 of Stx. It didn’t show up. I have just had my query answered after 5 days and Transak are insisting they sent the Srx to my wallet and quoted the address.
They have directed me to this site for a solution!
Any thoughts??

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Hello! It’s not showing up because there’s an internal bug on your account, you can fix this by connecting to web v2.
Do you know how?

Thank you for respo se… no I have no idea how to change to v2!!

Remember to only use official Hiro resources. Here is the Hiro Wallet: Hiro Wallet

Please email [email protected] and share your transaction id and STX address so we can look into it further. Thank you!

Please help!!!
I sent 14 STX coins to my Hiro Wallet and they don’t appear on the wallet balance.: (. I urgently need to claim LFG Apes, and without STX I cannot do this: (
ID transaction: