STX disappeared from old wallet after reset

I have an older v3.1.1.0 Stacks wallet which showed my STX coins and some BTC. I installed a new v4.6.0 HIRO wallet using the original 24-word seed phrase, but no coins were showing. I attempted to send the coins from the old STACKS wallet to the new HIRO wallet, but the transaction appeared to be hanging. I reset the STACKS wallet with the 24-word phrase, but now the coins aren’t showing in either wallet. I can search the explorer with the STACKS wallet address and see the coins, but can’t access them with either wallet. Help!

Please disregard request for help. I forgot that I had (luckily) installed the Stacks v3.1.1.0 wallet with a Ledger device, and was able to re-install the old wallet and see my STX coins again after connecting to the Ledger. I subsequently upgraded to the v4.6.0 HIRO wallet and am able to see all the STX coins now, including some I sent to the old Stacks wallet earlier this year but which had not been visible in the wallet.