Stuck at 80% profile completion. Unable to add username

Profile is 80% complete. Unable to search for a username(search field is greyed out) and unable to upload photo. No idea what to do.

Identity address: ID-13qFw5i3tyyhCLpxtAdFthiu3n7RfNhetL

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Hey @Taorunner, sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

Are you using Windows? If you’re on Windows, username registration is currently disabled. There are still a few kinks to work out on Windows, but we’ll have a new release that enables it soon! If you’re trying to participate in the token sale, a username is not required.

I have the exact same problem. But on Ubuntu 16.x using docker containers.

Any suggestions on how I can register a username?

How do I participate in the token sale, from this point, without registering the username?

What are the next steps?

Same here. Chrome on Mac. User names registration is greyed out. Unable to upload the picture.

Same here: Lubuntu, Firefox.

Hi everyone!

If you now do want to add names, you’d need a installation that can do that and you need to transfer some Bitcoin to your Blockstack Browser to pay for it. But as said, for registration, this isn’t needed. You can do it later.

So everyone is okay with no name (for now, we can all add that later). But would like to register for voucher? These are some steps:

  • Go to
  • Click ‘Register’
  • Choose ‘Register on Blockstack’
  • Click ‘Sign in with Blockstack’
  • If the Blockstack home comes up and asks you what account to use, choose your account and log in.
  • You should be sent to the page again and it will load a registration page
  • Fill in your information and apply, you’ll get a confirmation email

If it worked, awesome!

If not, some people get problems on the ‘Sign in with Blockstack’ part. If that is you, it could mean that the blockstack: protocol handler is not correctly set up to launch your Blockstack installation. How to fix that depends on your OS as well as some other things. You can even skip fixing it, and get the blockstack:-address manually and fill it in.

You can read how to ‘Sign in with Blockstack’ manually in Guide: register token sale without installing Blockstack Browser, just remember that you guys HAVE installed blockstack, so instead of write http://localhost:8888 in all places. Also only the Register for Token Sale part is relevant for you.

Also: an important point to remember is that most data is stored in your browser and on the origin you are at (so like http://localhost:8888). That means you can’t just switch browser, or switch address, then it will ask you to create new keychain or restore an earlier one.

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@odinho’s beating me to the punch today :wink:

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