Storing Stacks from Blockstack Community Rewards

Once people start earning “stacks” for their contributions via Prism ( where can they send these “stacks” for safekeeping? It doesn’t appear that you can send it to your Blockstack wallet. Are there any available wallet options and if not is there a timeline for getting one created in Blockstack itself?


Might be better for BStack Token Llc to answer but there is no place to store since the tokens - Stacks - are not yet “live” and the awards via the Reward initiative are - at least in BStack’s words (see attachment)

are credits for potential receipt after BStack Token LLC determines when/if to honor the credit…
Most likely, the place to store (e.g. some wallet or …) the stacks token will be worked out before the network goes live, tokens issued/live etc.

Hope that is what you were looking for…


It certainly is! Thanks for the helpful response.

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You are most welcome. If I run across anything else, I will let you know.