Storing for global access


I am not sure if there is a way to store data somewhere where it can be accessed globally and is not belonging to the user making the call?

All data stored on gaia is globally accessible. You need to know the address and if the data is encrypted the private key. If the data is not encrypted the address is sufficient.

If you look for a place that is replicated across nodes you can store small amounts in the atlas network. This requires money as you have to make a bitcoin transaction. Is it that what you are looking for?

hmmm…I see, Atlas might be able to solve this technically.
Sounds like expensive solution! :smiley:

Oh, I thought all the data is encrypted and is not accessible

No, there are apps that don’t encrypt data on purpose. For example, social media apps where your posts are meant to be globally public.

I would recommend using Gaia to store data, and just make it unencrypted so everyone can see it. This question also depends on your use case.

If you’re looking for a way to aggregate data from many users in your app, you might be interested in Radiks (shameless plug).

Radiks looks interesting.

I am looking at collaboration with other users use case.
It’s like, if user A is able to read user B data, but unable to help them edit, then how?

How does Radiks achieve that since collaboration with other users is one of Radiks’ listed use case.

Thanks! I’ll keep it on mind!

What I understand is that each user edits their own copy but the radiks serve keeps track of the user that has edited the data last, such that all users get the same data when querying Radiks.

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