Still failed

Wish I could help but I have the same problems. Would think some people will just give up----let me know if you get a clear idea how this works. w

Hey @wcc1225,

I took a peek at your Twitter feed, so I could look up your social proofs. Can you try making the following corrections?

  • For Twitter, can you make sure your identifier is '‘Wcc122Steven’, instead of ''Wcc122Steven '? Note the space that is present at the end.
  • For Facebook, the URL needs to be in the form{USERNAME}/posts/{NUMBER}. You can get the URL by clicking “embed” and then “advanced” (detailed instructions here)
  • It looks like your Github is correct. Can you try doing a hard-refresh on your browser? Usually, this can be done by pressing Ctrl+F5.
  • For LinkedIn, can you try changing your identifer to steven-wang-王成才-0414a8138?

first of all,thankyou very much for your patience and profession!!!
But it still unverified!!!!
I am very damned because i do not want to lose this opportunity