Status of IPFS integration

A bunch people at Construct 2017 are asking about the status, timeline, and scope for the IPFS integration. I’m starting this thread as a reminder to post details. I’ll follow up.


I am a software engineer I am looking for the answer to this to I have been using IPFS for 2 years my projects are stored local and put in IPFS via noe /encryption I am trying to find out about this platform and if we can bridge the 2 somehow but I am not clear as to where I deploy applications to from blockstack?

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Hi @ob1Shaun

We have a work-in-progress PR on adding IPFS as a backend to our Gaia distributed storage system:

If you want to help out on this, contributing there would be the best place to start!


This is expected to be completed by sometime next week. :grinning:

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