State of email verification

I read somewhen in Slack, that it’s planned to do proofs for email addresses specified in profiles. The concept was having 3rd party attestors that say “yeah, this blockchain id controls this email address”. And then having a list with trustworthy attestors or printing a list with servers that attested a given email address and letting the user decide whether he trusts at least one of them.

What’s the current state of this approach?
Are there other possibilities? Maybe using DKIM?

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Your profile JSON has an array property called account that contains pointers to social proofs stored on these various social services. There’s no restriction on what you choose to put there, but the blockstack tool does not attempt to check them. However, we could make the forthcoming identity manager app do this (since it will subsume’s functionality), and we could write a tool that uses the blockstack_client library to carry out these verifications on the CLI.

I am not very familiar with DKIM, but I would bet that it could be done. Your profile’s account array could have an entry for your email address that contains enough information for someone to query the email address’s DNS server and check the signature (maybe the DNS server’s public key could be part of the email DKIM account).

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