Stacks Weekly Tech Updates, Compiled by Hiro | 09.03.2021

Hey there, everybody! :wave:

Here’s some technical updates from Hiro products over the last two weeks. LOADS of exciting developments in the web wallet, as well as updated READMEs for Stacks.js packages! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and keep on BUIDLing! :hammer_and_wrench:

stacks-wallet | Version: v4.5.0

  • No significant updates in the past two weeks.

β†’ Download the Stacks Desktop Wallet

stacks-wallet-web | Version: v2.16.0

  • Release Packages
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an error being reported when loading balances by initializing the merged balance as a BigNumber. β†’ Github
    • Fixed an issue where localhost was not being supported. β†’ Github
    • Fixed a bug with network switching. β†’ Github
    • Fixed a nonce calculation issue. β†’ Github
    • Removed comma from Balance. β†’ Github
    • Only convert STX. β†’ Github
    • Added a post condition allow warning. β†’ Github
    • Fixed the notify-release Github Workflow. β†’ Github
    • Fee validation logic. β†’ Github
    • Removed activeTab permission. β†’ Github
  • Features
    • Added memo warnings. β†’ Github
    • Added a fee warning when app has defined one. β†’ Github
    • Added edit nonce option for sending stx & fungible tokens. β†’ Github
    • Revised warning label. β†’ Github
    • Fixed Send Max functionality. β†’ Github
    • Hide nonce edit. β†’ Github
    • Implemented replace by fee. β†’ Github
    • Updated Microblock Learn More URL. β†’ Github
    • Relocated learn more link. β†’ Github
  • Refactors
    • Broke up validation logic, started using yup. β†’ Github
    • Decoupled component tree from state management. β†’ Github
    • [STORE] Decoupled state from component tree. β†’ Github
    • Changed speed text and added Learn More. β†’ Github
  • Chores
    • Moved fee warning label. β†’ Github
    • Fixed fee validation logic. β†’ Github
    • Removed unused preact library. β†’ Github
  • Release Notes
  • Other Updates
    • Cleaned up more network fetches, added persistence. β†’ Github
    • Implemented the actual replace-by-fee functionality. β†’ Github

β†’ Stacks Wallet on Chrome Web Store

β†’ Stacks Wallet on Firefox Add-ons


  • Added commas to the example JSON text. β†’ Github
  • Fixed the broken faucet link. β†’ Github
  • Fixed minor typo in the CLI guide. β†’ Github

stacks-blockchain-api | Version: v0.64.2

  • Version v0.64.2 release notes. β†’ Github
  • Merged Develop into Master. β†’ Github
  • Fixed client library and documentation build. β†’ Github
  • Reverted a Rosetta nonce conflict issue when construction transactions. β†’ Github
  • Exposed fungible and non-fungible token transfers in /extended/v1/address/[:principal]/transactions_with_transfers. β†’ Github
  • Enabled the return of git info in /extended/v1/status. β†’ Github
  • Changed the type of sender and receiver operations to token_transfer. β†’ Github
    • Even if the STX transfer happens through contract_call the last two operations (sender & receiver) will be token_transfer.
  • The types for Search were made locally and not documented properly. This PR added types in the docs and uses them in search.ts. β†’ Github
  • Added metrics for activity in the API. It tracks connections, disconnections, topic subscriptions, and sent events. β†’ Github
  • Updated the BNS endpoint OpenAPI documentation to make titles shorter while keeping detailed descriptions below. β†’ Github
  • Added the support for Fungible token metadata and Non Fungible token metadata. β†’ Github
  • Added execution cost data to transactions. β†’ Github

stacks.js | Version: v2.0.1

  • Fixed the outdated network API readme. β†’ Github
  • Avoid use of getters to enable safer serialization. β†’ Github
  • Reviewed and updated CLI readme.
  • Created Github action for generating updated docs on release. β†’ Github
    • Hotfix for missed commits. β†’ Github
  • Enabled construction of a TransactionSigner from a partially signed multi-sig transaction, which means multiple parties can sign a transaction with different instances of TransactionSigner. β†’ Github

β†’ See the Stacks.js 2.0.1 Library Reference

explorer | Version: v1.14.3

  • Version v1.14.3 release notes. β†’ Github
  • Fixed a bug when applying Dark mode text color to an input on the Contract Deploy field. β†’ Github
  • Updated to Hiro branding. β†’ Github

clarity-lsp | Version: 0.5.1

  • No significant updates in the past two weeks.

clarinet | Version: 0.15.1

  • Updated the develop branch. β†’ Github