Stacks Wallet (v 3.1.1) for Mac OS -- Receiving STX question/issue

All … I’m in the process of executing an on-chain withdrawal of a small amount of STX tokens (from OKCoin) to my Stacks Wallet (v 3.1.1). However, after over 1 hour, my STX tokens are not in my Stacks Wallet – they’ve not been received. OKCoin people tell me that my transaction is stuck in the blockchain because I did not enter a proper “memo” to accompany my wallet address when performing the withdrawal. This was just a small test amount, so financially it’s not a big deal, but I still want to understand what I can do to potentially fix this issue. Thoughts on this??? Thanks in advance for your support!

FYI, Issue resolved by STX support team. Thank you!

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I too sent stx from kucoin to my stacks wallet 3.1.1 and nothing ever showed up. Also when I set up the desktop wallet on my high sierra mac pro it did not give me an option to set a seed phase, however it did provide me with a send and receive address. I have all the transaction id and information from Kucoin but no one from [email protected] has returned my email request and kucoin says they show the send confirms to the address in my wallet.
Can anyone help out here?

Its been over a week and a half

Hey there, responded in your other thread. Please let us know if that helps!