Stacks Wallet question

Are there any plans to make Stack Wallet available to Linux users? Thanks!

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You can use it on linux if you build it yourself. It worked for me.

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Okey doke, thanks.

What distro and version did you use?

Ubuntu 19

didnt’ build for me on Manjaro. On LinuxMint it looks like the build finished but I couldn’t see how to then run it. Where’s the binary?

@fluidvoice It should be in the releases folder

what “releases folder”?

Is it possible to make AppImage or Snap. For new newbie people in Linux like me.

Working for me do this steps :

Extract it and go to folder then run this commands

Building from Source

yarn package-linux

You will get .Appimage in folder called release ( other type fail for me like snap )

Note : the Linux flag not monition in stacks wallet doc respiratory.