Stacks wallet get recovery seed

I’m trying to restore wallet using the new Stacks wallet 4.0, but I don’t think I ever got the 12/24 recovery seed from the initial setup. I do however have an account and recovery key from the ICO. How do I get the 12/24 recovery seed to restore on a 4.0 wallet?

Hey there,

Just to clarify, it sounds like you have a 24 word secret key from the ICO to the address you’re looking to access, correct? If so, you can login to the new wallet with this secret key by selecting “I already have a wallet” after downloading, then enter the 24 word key. If you are seeing a different address with a 0 balance in the wallet, first reset the wallet by selecting “Settings” then resetting.

If you do not have your secret key, it is not possible to retrieve it from the Stacks wallet. Perhaps there’s a chance you would have set up the Stacks address with a hardware wallet instead?

More info available in the FAQ on the wallet site here: Stacks Wallet

Will you guys ever be introducing that feature for Hiro Wallet? Would be useful to retrieve the secret key with password after the accounts already been created. All other wallets have this feature.