Stacks trustlessness

Hi, I’m new to Stacks. I’m looking for a Bitcoin based sidechain/L2 to run smart contracts.

Looking for the most trustless network, I see an issue with Stacks regarding the STX premine and the use of it to vote on upgrades.

How can I be sure this is not a concern for its decentralization?

also how is it better than Ethereum or other “Ethereum killers” ?


Stacks is not a sidechain or a L2 blockchain.
Stacks is a L1 blockchain which uses the Bitcoin blockchain for consensus with PoX (Proof of Transfer).

Then you found the right one. As Bitcoin is the largest, safest, most decentralized blockchain, Stacks allows you to program smart contracts taking advantage of these benefits of the Bitcoin blockchain.

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ok L1 then. Still most trustless network using BTC network as you say.

But as you can see I’m looking for a trustless network, meaning I can’t take just your word for it. it needs to be explained how this is accomplished and answer to questions like:

  • how many nodes are running currently? are they nicely distributed around the world and internet network? do they only run in AWS or similar?
  • is it easy to run a node?
  • how many premined coins currently in hands of founders etc?
  • how is the distribution of STX among founders and users?
    add any question/answer as you see fit

I suggest you start by reading the following documents:

Hope it helps to get you started!