Stacks Tokens for Community Rewards

I remember there was talk when the community rewards paid out in BTC that there might be a future decision to also award community rewards in STX. Has any decision been made on this with the recent SEC filing?


@muneeb, any thoughts on this?

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Yes, I remember it too.

First, John told me that I should delay my business to support Blockstack (organizing meetup and stuffs)

Second, Mitchell and Patrick told me that I should support checking community challenges >>> yeah, I’m a guy who dis/approved your rewards, organizing meetup and stuffs. And they said there will be rewards pay in Stack STX.

Never hear they say anything again?

Yeah, it would’ve been nice to get an answer. I’m assuming that since we’ve heard nothing back that they aren’t going to do that. Just would’ve been nice to see that it was confirmed or that they’re still discussing.

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I think it’s best if they do it because it increase community incentives.

@muneeb @patrick when I try logging into with my Blockstack Stealthy ID to check my bitcoin reward status, a message says “Blockstack payload is not available in session”. Could someone assist me on this?

@liphan thanks for reporting! We’re currently fixing it. I will let you know once done.

This is already fixed.

great, thanks !

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