Stacks Token Sale

I need to say a few things.

  1. Stacks token sale funds processing is very slow, can you do somthing about that?
  2. token sale is not being advertised since its sale has begin, why is that?
  3. there is no progress showing for the sale like how much token have been sold and how much is left.
  4. there is no new coverage post sale.

plz respond

I’m also interested in how this will play out. After a token purchase is complete where do they show up? Blockstack browser wallet, Stacks wallet?

STX will be distributed through a hard fork ~30 days after sales ends.
They will appear in your stacks wallet, i.e. on your address you submitted for payout.

so when exactly should we expect our tokens to show up in our stx wallet?

About 30 days after 9 September. So approx. 9 October 2019 @aamjad2001

Hi Everyone, I am new to the entire concept of the decentralized computer, the blockchain, and blockstack. But I do like the idea of only having one id that is encrypted and secure to use multiple apps. I am interested in purchasing a stacks token but I have a few questions - I am going to pay with dollars so is it one token for one dollar? What is the revenue model for blockstack - I mean how are they going to make money in the future? I understand that the lockout period is 3 years. What will happen after the 3 year time period - do we get our money back? Does it roll over to the next round of funding? Thank you!! Elizabeth Wong

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