Stacks-powered Comment System

I would love to see something like Banter available for websites to drop in as a comment system, similar to how Disqus functions today.

For those who have not seen or do not remember Banter, it was a proof of concept from @hank showing off how Radiks could be used to make a simple social network.

On the integration side, I would like to see something as simple as adding a javascript and css file, passing in my config parameters, then having access to a web component to include below areas that I want to place comments. The css should be easily identifiable or easy to override to make it fit within the site.

As a user, I would like to see a consistent interface where you can authenticate with your Stacks ID, then post a comment that pulls some basic items like profile picture and general information alongside any comments you make.

Other nice-to-haves would be:

  • a mechanism for comment moderation by the site owner
  • a mechanism for upvote/downvote by site owner or users
  • support for sanitized markdown in comments for that extra style

I’m sure there is more that could be built on top of that, and I’m open to feedback from anyone interested as well as willing to review interfaces or test code where possible.


Great idea! Again, Policykit could be relevant for your moderation needs, will keep an eye out for any nice open interfaces too. :muscle:t5:

I see two parts here that can be addressed in two grants

  1. Creating and storing a comment on the users storage and
  2. aggregating and filtering/moderating the comments across all users.

Creating comments could be something general, like embedding NoteRiot by @dant on a website. User will then have a list of all comments they left on any site, really owning their content.

After creating comments, the user would signal that this comment/note belongs to a certain content URL, i.e. a blog or video. WebMentions could be a suitable protocol, see for example for existing examples using (and for bridging to existing social networks).

Aggregating the signalled comments is the task of the content/blog/video owner and depends a lot on the publishing software. Maybe Sigle by @leopradel could add a webmention endpoint as a first step.

I would love to see the concept as an app like Disqus to add comments easily.
I am not super familiar about webmentions, I saw it integrated into some sites but I thought it was only to aggregate comments from social media :thinking:. So you can actually use it with comments stored on any storage?

I fully stan this

Yes, webmention is only about signalling to an original author that that related comments to the original content were published. The aggregation is not part of the protocol and the original author is free to censor or order the comments.

This is what happens in banter/Radiks as well. The user is signalling to radiks that new content is available on the user’s storage, then banter is fetching and aggregating it…