Stacks Neon RPC Config

Wondering where the RPC config comes from in cargo when running neon?

Running the optimised version like this…
./target/release/stacks-node start --config=./testnet/conf/neon-follower-conf.toml

there is no RPC -

lsof -nP -iTCP:20443 | grep LISTEN
blockstack-cli balance ST1SKQXGBEHTE7G3GFX0AS9JG1VDKAVKS77NBFPBJ -H "http://localhost:20443"

indicate no listening on 20443. But running;

$ ./target/release/stacks-node neon

gives me

$ lsof -nP -iTCP:20443 | grep LISTEN
stacks-no 11693 $USER 23u IPv4 35911643 0t0 TCP *:20443 (LISTEN)

So curious where the default config come from and how to manage this?

Hi Mike! I recognize your profile picture from discord stacks2testnet channel. Were you able to get the help you needed there or is this something different and as of yet unresolved for you?

Thank you!

Hi Ryan - this is resolved with the documentation fix in Run a Stacks Testnet Node

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great to hear! thanks Mike!