📢 Stacks Nakamoto Release voting is now LIVE🔥

🏅Be part of Stacks upgrade history

:white_check_mark: Vote here: http://nakamoto.vote
:white_check_mark: Step-by-step voting tutorial here: Casting Your Nakamoto Vote: A Step-by-Step Tutorial
:white_check_mark: If you are a $stSTX (Liquid STX token) participating in StackingDAO, you can vote too to let them know your leaning. Info in this tweet: https://x.com/herogamer21btc/status/1757394879695540558
:white_check_mark: Voting will take place during reward cycles 78 and 79 (between block 829750 and block 833950). This window is estimated to begin starting February 11th and ending March 10th.
:white_check_mark: All learning resources: https://x.com/herogamer21btc/status/1747449442737729872

:gift: Enter giveaway after you vote, details here: https://x.com/herogamer21btc/status/1757492621692268653

:brain: Learn about Stacks Governance: • 01 Introduction - Stacks Governance

:orange_square: #Nakamojo #governance #NakemotoVote #SIP