Stacks - Lightning Network Bridge

I’m currently in the process of completing a grant proposal to develop an app that allows trustless swaps between Stacks and Bitcoin on Lightning Network.

The app is currently live on testnet and will be moved to mainnet very soon.

I appreciate if anyone interested can comment on its usefulness and future direction on here or the grant proposal page. ->


This is really cool! Great work @pseudozach!

Does this have the potential to allow users to pay to execute STX contracts via Lightning?

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yes definitely! basically any user or app developer will be able to show a Bitcoin Lightning invoice instead of an STX address for payment. In the background this app will do the swap trustlessly.

Just wanted to provide a quick update: is live on mainnet and available for swaps!

Here’s a demo video: | Bitcoin - Stacks Submarine Swap Mainnet Demo - YouTube
I’m reachable for support on discord: pseudozach#1633


Just a small correction the link is

it’s been 3-4 months but @larry we finally got there. Currently we have the capability to trigger contract calls with Lightning payment in a completely trustless way. Currently in touch with a few NFT marketplaces to demo this.

There’s a mainnet demo page and developer documentation as below: for documentation and code samples.