Stacks js Claim Nft from website

hello everyone i mnaged to create contract and put it on testnet and i’m trying to claim the nft contract
this my code for claiming `
const callNft = async () => {

   await doContractCall({


        contractName: "bit-nft",

        functionName: "claim",

        functionArgs: [],

        onFinish: (data) => {

            console.log({ data });


        postConditions: [




                createAssetInfo("address", 'bit-wolfy', 'bit-wolfy'),





but i get faild on wallet abot by post-condition. i’m trying to find example for how make claim nft using stacks js and i can’t find one any help

Here you have to specify the identifier of the nft. Claiming for this user means that the nft bit-nft will be transferred? Shouldn’t it be uintCV(id)? BTW, minting does not require a post-condition.

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thanks alot man for trying to help , so i did just remove the post condation it self , but when i try claiming again i get same error do i need do something else