Stacks from 9mo ago are missing - over $100k in value - support needed soon

Issue here is pretty simple - laying out the facts below

Jan 26th 2021 - 1:03:37pm - References: STX Block Height #1374 - BTC Block Height #667810

83332.99982 STX Sent From SP21E8DE4S49G3ZCNZP5RKEJJHGMA544AZR0FT1DX - Memo 1866707762
Received by SPX8T06E8FJQ33CX8YVR9CC6D9DSTF6JE0Y8R7DS (Kucoin)

TXN ID 0x3f84a5cad9d36cfb06560b31649a692cb79cf9e8097deb8ec7b0abff0ebbf32b

Anchor TXN ID 0x389caf5a3137f7b621686714f4dc9b3ae1e498506cf69e5973529c7d435cda8c

STX Block Hash: 0x5ee1bf2ab53b2cffcdad0dffeab8fc5f695a88b9b9e68de68748832832037a7c

BTC Block Hash: 0x0000000000000000000d6b00bf5bcf6fee108b807e53e3e733040bd726612e5b

Memoline was included so that should not be the issue.

Stacks were initially sent from outdated wallet interface in Jan and then retried later that same month with a newer wallet interface**(V4)

** Not entirely sure if this is the exact case, was a long time ago.

I am working with Kucoin support on this as well.

Please advise with any support.