Stacks Foundation Community Board Observer - Grant Proposal

I’ve submitted a Stacks Foundation grant application to be a non-voting Community Observer Board Seat. I’ll copy and paste the proposal below for discussion. I’d appreciate your direct feedback on the GitHub application.

Grant Mission: Having direct (Observer) representation on the Board of directors of the Stacks Foundation will benefit the Stacks community in the following ways:

By collecting anonymous, open-ended feedback (via BlockSurvey) from all Stacks users and presenting it directly to the Board of directors at quarterly meetings, Stacks users can have substantial input into the direction of the Stacks Foundation.

By attending the Board of directors’ quarterly meetings and then giving a live stream presentation summary of the meeting, Stacks users can receive a direct follow-up of the feedback they previously provided.

By hearing the raw yet organized and summarized feedback from the community, the Board of directors will benefit from grassroots, bottom-up data from Stacks users of all types. This data will help the Board, and thus the Foundation, set goals and directions for the next quarter.

Grant Impact: The community feedback submitted via BlockSurvey will be summarized into a slide presentation and will be published after the board meeting. A summary of the board meeting will be presented as a live stream within two weeks of the board meeting.

Grant Risks: One risk is insufficient BlockSurvey feedback from the community to present to the board. I will overcome this risk by raising awareness of the survey on Twitter and Discord and asking the Foundation to help spread awareness through its channels.

Getting a Community Board Observer has been worked on extensively but seems to have died in April of 2021:

Please comment directly on my GitHub grant proposal

Thank you, and I look forward to your feedback.


And to add, in April 2021 the governance group produced a “Community Board Seat
Definition & Proposal Timeline
.” However, nothing has happened since then. My grant proposal is consistent with what they proposed while offering a simple and direct path to execution TODAY.

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Hi @RagnarLifthrasir
I’ve commented on Github Grants Program application now. See: Stacks Board Observer · Issue #665 · stacksgov/Stacks-Grant-Launchpad · GitHub

Essentially personally I’d be in support of this initiative, as it is practical, reasonable, and executable today.

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I support this initiative. Bringing Ragnar’s contribution to help the foundation getting more outreach to the STX Community and a level of transparency (not too cumbersome) is a net positive.

Ragnar is a phenomenal builder (just look at Trajan) and an outstanding communicator. I love his ‘no bullshit’ approach. Go Ragnar!

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Thank you.

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I appreciate it.

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