Stacks Explorer and Token Unlockings from 2019 Offering

The Hiro team is aware of a known issue with the Stacks Explorer that is impacting displays of locked tokens from Stacks 2019 token offerings. The Stacks for these holders are safe on the blockchain, but the explorer is not displaying some token unlocking data properly.

Hiro team is working on a fix for this in the explorer, but wanted to share some additional information and resources for impacted users in the meantime:

  1. If you participated in the 2019 Stacks token offering and have unlocked and locked tokens, your full account information might not be reflected in the explorer correctly. The explorer is only showing data for unlocked tokens and not showing data on locked tokens currently. The Stacks for these holders are safe on the blockchain and it’s just an explorer display issue. You can manually check your balances and view accurate unlocking data here.

  2. Tokens used to unlock at a monthly rate based on Bitcoin block numbers, roughly around the 18th of every month or so. With the launch of Stacks 2.0 the unlocking schedule now runs on a slightly different schedule again based on Bitcoin block time. So there are slight differences in when new Stacks unlock, there is now an approx two-week difference from the earlier scheduled token unlocking on Stacks 1.0. Users can see at what Stacks block the next token unlocking happens in the same sheet here. The takeaway for users is that whatever week you used to see tokens unlock on Stacks 1.0, it is now approx ~2 weeks later.

We’ll post an update here when the explorer has been updated with the display of locked tokens, we’re expecting this to be sometime next week. Those interested in getting updates are encouraged to please follow along in the Stacks explorer GitHub repository. Thanks!

Update 2/12/20: the explorer should now be reflecting accurate balances for addresses. The wallet is still being worked on. Thank you!


Re: My STX did not unlock this month
Hello Gina
You may remember the difficulties you, Mark, and I experienced with my account and token unlocking last week. Due to all of the confusion we experienced, I decided today, to check the legacy explorer, stacks explorer, and my wallet, and of course you already know what I found.
So, all of what I was experiencing, and now even more (stacks explorer), was very real. Ummmm.

Hi @packhunter - responded to your email earlier. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, did I also mention that the wallet V4.04 is not updating as well? That both the stacks explorer and the wallet have issues.

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What’s the issue that you’re experiencing with the wallet? I’m on the latest version and seems to be working fine for me!

@muneeb @Gina i am experiencing a similar issue with wallet 4.0.4 > it still doesn’t show the tokens which were unlocked during the last unlocking cycle (approx two weeks after the 18th of January - conform new schedule). I can see that these tokens are available in the Legacy Explorer, however they are not visible/transferable in the most recent version of the desktop wallet in combination with a Ledger Nano S.

The legacy explorer is showing incorrect unlocking information and the legacy explorer will be taken offline for that reason (the incorrect info on legacy explorer can cause confusion).

See point #2 above RE unlocking schedule on Stacks 2.0 being different from Stacks 1.0 (change of approx 2 weeks) and the take away:

The takeaway for users is that whatever week you used to see tokens unlock on Stacks 1.0, it is now approx ~2 weeks later.

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We’re tracking the work for adding both a full set of balances (total, unlocked and locked) as well as an accurate unlocking schedule by date for addresses on Stacks 2.0 to the Stacks Explorer here:

I have been using the Stacks Wallet 3.0 and today installed Stacks Wallet 4.0.4.

The Stacks 4.0.4 Wallet is showing a lower balance than the Stacks 3.0 Wallet.

The 3.0 wallet displays a “frozen” state for the Stacks 1.0 blockchain from mid-January right before Stacks 2.0 was launched. The 4.0.x wallet, however, shows live, accurate state for the Stacks 2.0 wallet and should always be used instead of the 3.0 wallet going forward for checking balances, transaction history, etc.

The 4.0 wallet could show a lower balance than 3.0, for example, due to the above difference in unlocking schedules between Stacks 1.0 and 2.0 (leading users to believe they have more unlocked STX than is actually the case on Stacks 2.0). Or because a given address has incurred net outflows via transactions since the launch of Stacks 2.0.

tldr; please don’t use the 3.0 wallet to determine how many STX you have, locked or otherwise since it will misrepresent the situation. :slightly_smiling_face:Install the new 4.0.x one instead: Install Stacks Wallet for Desktop

Thanks, I thought it might relate to the unlocking schedules. Downloaded the 4.0 wallet yesterday, looking forward to using it. Looks good and seems to be some good changes.

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Update: we’ve noticed an error with the APIs used in the explorer and wallet that don’t reflect these unlocked tokens. We’re working on a fix.

Below was shared by an engineer on the team if you’re interested in diving deeper to ensure that your balance is correct on the blockchain, while we work to update our API endpoints to reflect your correct STX balance.

We’ll provide another update once its been fixed.

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Note as well that the fix for the API error indicated by Gina above is being worked on here: Forward lockup events by lgalabru · Pull Request #2436 · blockstack/stacks-blockchain · GitHub

Update: the explorer should now be reflecting accurate balances for addresses. The wallet still may not be. We’re working on it. Thank you!


Thanks much for this quick fix. Made a lot of users happy on Telegram.
Any idea when the wallet will be updated?

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We’re currently preparing to release v2.0.5 of the Stacks blockchain node to Hiro PBC infrastructure that will resolve this problem API-side for wallet. I don’t have an exact ETA yet but this is highest priority for us.

The above fix for showing the correct unlocked balance in the wallet is now live!

Please check your balance in the wallet and let us know if you still don’t see the right amount.

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After updating to v4.1.1 my balance is not correct and my monthly unlockings since januar didnt show up… my old stacks wallet was fine


Could you email us about this matter with your STX address at [email protected] so we can investigate?