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Stacks Developer needed to join team

Hey all,

We have posted previously in the Discord community, looking for a stacks developer to work with us on our NFT project.

We have spoken with a few and great to meet some of the outstanding talent in the Stacks community!

However, we are still looking for a Development Lead to join our team.

The project is aimed at bringing more awareness to Bitcoin, Stacks and NFT’s on Bitcoin, alongside encouraging meetup and collaboration with other Bitcoiner’s and Stackers.

We are doing this through the medium of Fashion NFT’s and are looking to explore/produce some exciting concepts and applications in this arena.

Please drop a comment below and drop a message if you are interested in finding out more.

Thank you! :pray:

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Once the Stacks consensus logic matures somewhat in order to ensure reliable mining, transactions etc., I’d be glad to support promising projects.

Considering the sophisticated protocol for securing smart contracts using the Bitcoin blockchain, I think Stacks is fairly underrated, and would deserve some projects that drag it out of its slumber.

I think it should have some uniqueness apart from the private key in order to make a difference…