`@stacks/connect` now released, without the React dependency!

Hey folks! Some cool updates regarding Connect:

No more React!

Many of you developers have been using @blockstack/connect in your apps for a while now. You might have noticed that react and react-dom were peer dependencies of that project. This worked well for most React apps, but if you weren’t building a React app, then you’d be stuck with a pretty big dependency that you didn’t really need.

We originally built Connect with React to maximize our productivity, but it was clear that forcing React on everyone was not a long-term solution.

Finally, we’re releasing a new version that no longer depends on React. In fact, the new package is built with Stencil, which packages all UI into a simple Web Component, making it basically dependency-less.

To use this, just change your dependency to @stacks/connect and install the latest version. No code change required (other than your imports).

React stuff is now in @stacks/connect-react

If you’re using React, you can keep using the same React hooks under the package @stacks/connect-react. Again, just install this package, and update your imports.

Renaming to @stacks

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re also moving to the @stacks namespace on NPM. This new release is our first production release of Connect under the @stacks namespace. From now on, make sure you’re using @stacks/connect in your applications. New versions are not, and will not be, published to the @blockstack/connect package.


We’ve updated our documentation to reflect these changes.


Excited about this!

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Me too - already ported it into my vue apps - thanks Hank et al!

Just installed. This is great! Thanks!