Stacks Adoption

I was looking for a stacks adoption infograph like this one for Algorand

I found this but was wondering if this shows in an infographic?

Thanks Gordon Stacks Australia

I’ve never seen an infographic like that for stacks. Maybe it’s an opportunity for someone to create, to visually represent & track different stacks metric over time over different geography. Diversify is important for Stacks’ resiliency, so I can imagine this will be an interest for many users and entities across Stacks ecosystem. :grinning:

IMO the data on LunarCrush is waaaaay more useful that what I see on the algo site. Stacks (STX) price and social sentiment metrics | LunarCrush

I find the algo site strange for equating social mentions to adoption in some way. Social mentions don’t necessarily have anything to do with adoption, and there’s no sentiment analysis here, so people might not even be saying positive things.