Stacks 2.1 Voting - "I VOTED" sticker - for Social media present & engagement

Hi all,

One idea I’d like to table an idea to the community to get feedback is :point_down:
:raising_hand_woman: “I V :heart_decoration: TED” profile picture badge/sticker :raising_hand_man:


  • As a SIP Resident (SIP=Stacks Improvement Proposal), one of my key roles is to spread the education about the SIPs and facilitate the whole community to participate and engage in the SIP process. It is only through engagement, you will have your voice heard properly, and acted upon. Without engagement.

  • What does one of the SIP Processes entail? It involves :raised_hands: VOTING.
    Do you remember the Stacks 2.05 upgrade voting? Yes that one :slight_smile: the one that brought up super low fee, which we continue to benefit now.

  • A huge super important SIP that’s coming down the pipeline we would love the community to get engaged with this I VOTED sticker is :zap:Stacks 2.1 upgrade :arrow_heading_up:
    You can read all about it under this Twitter thread:
    Short version, long version, independent review version. (and more threads to come).

  • There is a few ways we could do this

  1. Off-chain: Initially I just thought it can be as simple as just creating a site and you just upload your pfp and returns one with an additional badge on top.
  2. On-chain: Or some community members have been saying it can be NFT or Semi-FT based. Maybe leveraging Semi-FT, it can go from a SFT voting ticket/proof, evolve into a NFT of an artist(s) we can promote in Stacks. Feel free to be creative with it!
  • There has been initial interest from Hey Layer NFT marketplace to do something around it, if other marketplaces are interested, pls also let the community know, it can be a good way to get more engagement.


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This is really cool!

From Mubeeb :slight_smile:

Last call for any artist who might be interested to work on this.
Will probably just pick someone random out of the hat or what do u think?
(Or any artist you think we should support and highlight?) lmk
I will be contacting Ileana (from The Mintery) for advice too.

Will keep the community updated :slight_smile:
contact me asap I need to get it going! :slight_smile:

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wow, love the energy, this is where i want to be.

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